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Gain a partner in upgrading and refining your organizational and development strategies. Strengthen your ability to develop and close six and seven-figure gifts. Create or refine your Moves Management Strategies and create compelling storytelling and messaging.

Leadership Development

Take advantage of a Coaching  Partnership to maximize your professional and personal potential. We will develop a plan that supports your growth as a leader, your ability to connect with others, and to succeed in accomplishing your goals. 


Benefit from a personalized process designed to help you accomplish the change you desire. Deepen your understanding of the the social and cultural landscape that shaped you as a leader. I offer a practical approach to transformation, supporting you in achieving your goals.

Susan Freundlich is a multi-talented and highly effective fundraiser and organizational consultant as well as a critical thinker and visionary. I have always known her to bring keen insight, experience and her commitment to activism for social justice to her work with donors, foundations, and community-based organizations.

Paul Kivel

Social Justice Educator, Community-based Donor Activist, and Writer

Book an Appointment

Book a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your needs and explore how we can work together to achieve your goals.

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